Grace Mission International, we strive to create an atmosphere in
which the Holy Spirit operates to the fullest. As a church we are
disciplines, simple, creative, authentic and above all Christ
Centered, yet evangelically active and inviting to the unsaved. We
operate a chaos free environment and a high level of organisation in
the planning and execution of our activities. 
are warm and friendly to each other and non-members with people who
are genuinely seeking to develop a wonderful relationship with God,
we do not trade in gossips or live in pretence. In other words, we
promote genuine love with our community and ourselves. We welcome
real people.
believe in the sanctity of marriage and uphold the biblical truth
that God hates divorce. We however demonstrate genuine love for
divorcees and those going through the pain of broken relationships.
We are sensitive  to the hurting 
church does not condone the works of the flesh as described in
Galatians 5:9-21 . Instead we strive to exhibit the fruit of the
spirit as a way of christain living as in Galations 5:22-23(e) We lay
emphasis on the omni-potent, omni-present and omni-scient nature of
give no room for materialism, but emphasize of the simplicity of the
christain walk with God. Our sole aim being to live and die for Him.
member lives in line with the scriptures and the vision of the
church and its ministers seek to meet the spirital, physical and
emotional needs of its members. 
live in constant expectation of the soon coming of our Lord Jesus
Christ. And spread the good-news to the lost world.